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U Print is looking for Distributors in Europe, Australia, Asia, North Africa, West Africa, South America and more. You are welcome to contact us so we can discuss terms and conditions. Please call us on +27 31 562 0580 or email for more information. Or simple fill in our online form below for consideration.

Interested In Becoming a Distributor?

Firstly lets define the meaning of becoming a distributor with Uprint. Distribution with Uprint can only happen outside of South Africa, we currently have a distributor in the UK where he has purchased the rights to sell Uprint printing business packages in the UK. Not only do you benefit from selling the uprint packages, you will have rights to also sell all papers, chemicals, toners and equipment needed for the Uprint system. The largest source of income is your annuities i.e paper, chemicals, toner.

Secondly as a distributor you have the rights to sell to your entire country. Depending on the size of your market will determine the cost of becoming a distributor.

Finally you will get an option to maximize your profits by purchasing the rights to UPrints’ blueprints on modification of printers, POTENTIAL paper and chemical manufacture (This not a guarantee) in your country and you will benefit from having up to 80% R.O.I. This will be a large investment into cutting costs and maximizing profits.

Uprint Digital Direct looks forward to long and prosperous partnership.

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